The most poignant sentence(3)

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   35, pass by, pass by, don't miss it; Love, hate, never remember; Pain, repentance, must start from scratch. One day, one year, I feel time is like an arrow. This is the first time in one's life.. Life is short, cherish good time .

   36, I'm really afraid, without you I should quarrel with who all day long.

   37, like to leave my mark on you, but never remember that you never belonged to me .

   38. Why are you so close to me that I can't see you with a magnifying glass?.

   39. Memory is like the water poured into the palm of your hand. No matter you spread it out or hold it tightly, it will eventually flow clean drop by drop through your fingers..

   40, you said, I'm sorry, I don't deserve, I smile, ah, what a gorgeous reason.

   41. When I said goodbye to you in tears, you just said goodbye to me coldly. You did not feel your indifferent eyes and your heart was broken into thousands of pieces..

  42, the night, sleep, wake up, drunk, you still go.

   43. If we are two parallel lines, even if they are not parallel, there will only be one intersection point. Once separated, they will gradually move away..

   44. There are so many lonely people and so many happy ones..

   45. When I shed tears for you, did you feel distressed.

   46. Us and Them is a little strange.

   47, the wind light cloud light past, has long been ashes .

   48. Perhaps it was I, Imagine oneself as the favourite of one of the opposite sex, who directed and acted this tragedy..

   49, I cried a hundred times, just want you to love me once.

   50, if, I can go back to the past, ( Cn) I will choose not to know you, not that I regret it, but that I cannot face the ending without you..

   51, maybe I really don't understand love, only know blindly pay and wait, thought promise will be together forever, thought promise can grow old together, originally also is only a joke, but he let me fall into it, until the deeper, unable to extricate themselves . (责任编辑:admin)




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