Sentences of chasing girls

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   Sentences of chasing girls

   1, eyes looking at your face, nose smelling your smell, ears listening to your voice, but my head inside does not have you, because, you have been forever imprinted in my heart.

   2. For you, whether it is sunny or cloudy, it will remain the same..

   3. The world is so beautiful because of you, life is so full because of you, and life is so meaningful because of you.!

   4. Send you a fresh flower and wish you a beautiful flower. I send you a diamond ring, hoping you will be happy forever. Sending you a candy indicates that you are happy and prosperous. I send you a message to remind you to add clothes at the right time.. Baby, it's cold, please keep warm.!

   5, miss you, use up all my brain cells; Love you, use up every second of my life; You also know cow dung is too difficult to find now, so, Please Marry Me, you this flower!

   6, summer, and summer, it is hard to forget that summer, your light-colored shawl, light make-up and plain face, pants and blouse, gradually drifting away, the remaining faint scent, summer makes wheat mature, you make me mature, summer is gone, youth 安信娱乐 is no longer, the future is slim, only you let me forget forever, I give my first love to you, summer is COMing, wish you good luck!

   7, don't want to wake up, lamp projection on the wall only I lonely figure

   8. I miss you countless times, love you tens of thousands of times, care about you thousands of times, miss you many times, my dear, take good care of yourself and be happy. I am talking about every day.

   9, no matter this world or the next, all I want is you.

   10, drank the wine of love you brewed, if there is no refill, willing to thirst for a lifetime.

   11, want to send flowers, too expensive; Want to make a phone call, owe money; Send a text message, and you blame me for wasting it.! Being together day and night is also caring and attentive, too tired; You and I know each other well and make good money, and it's affordable.. Ha ha, I still want to sincerely say to you: "hard work! " (责任编辑:admin)




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