Classic Poems on Chongyang Festival

时间: 作者:三按

   Xingxiangzi-Li Qingzhao of Northern Song Dynasty

   The sky and Qiu Guang, look around for love wounds, explore Jin Yingzhi nearly Chongyang.

   At the beginning of the trial of thin clothes, the green ants tasted fresh, and gradually the wind, rain, and cool..

   Dusk courtyard, frigid panic, Sober when the past sad.

   The moon is empty in The night. Hearing the sound of the anvil pounding, the sound of crickets is fine and the sound of leakage is long..

   Yu Jia ao-song Ouyang xiu

   September frost is over in Qiu Qiu. Baked forest leaves turn red.

   Only Huang Jusheng in Dongli. Gold dust. The double ninth festival is approaching.

   The morning sun is cloudy and the weather 安信娱乐 is uncertain.. Light Cold is tender at the time of clothes giving..

   The new wild goose has a strong wind.. The cloud wants to condense. Wild geese should come with letters from my hometown..

   Consort Yu-Song Lu Zugao

   Qing Zun Huang Ju Hong Yu Pei. Cloud Rock Drunk Twice.

   The brim of the hat is clearer today.. Cold rain, wind, and the desire to celebrate the Double Ninth Festival.

   Smoke Tree Remains in the Forbidden City. Where do you know the past?.

   The mountains are full of autumn colors and poems are well inscribed.. Yin ba decayed, stand alone for a long time.

   Yu Lou Chun-Song Liu Chenweng

   Longshan Song and Dance. Only said Mr. crazy hat.

   Autumn wind is also a poor man, to make god knows people old.

   Chrysanthemum is not the morning of Chongyang. Self-love of Ancient Poems Angry.

   I solemnly said to you that the Double Ninth Festival is the best choice for the waning years..

   Magnolia with Reduced Characters-Song Liu Chenweng

   Old mountain tour. Fall in the deepest autumn shade.

   Double Ninth Festival. No butterflies, no flowers, even more heartbroken. (责任编辑:admin)




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