Sweet snowflakes

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   Looking at the swirling snowflakes, the dusty memory of more than 40 years has gradually come to life in inside's mind..

   It was noon in windy and snowy, when I was a little girl over five years old who didn't know much. I was sitting in a shabby house waiting for my mother who was picking vegetables on the farm to come back.. When my mother came back, she brought back an old woman and a little boy. Their clothes were all patched up. The little boy was younger than me and took the old woman's hand weakly.. My mother told me that their ancestors and grandchildren went out to visit relatives, got lost in our village, and had not eaten for two days, so she called them to come home for a meal..

   When I heard this, my mouth turned high and I thought I had not eaten yet. I was tired of eating pumpkin and sweet potato porridge every day.. My mother seemed to understand my thoughts and said meaningfully: "son, if you get lost outside and become faint with hunger, do you want to have a hot meal?"? "

   Soon, the mother prepared the meal. The grandsons ate rice and bacon that we could not bear to eat for the holidays. The old woman said with tears as she ate that both the little boy's parents had passed away.. After the meal, my mother opened a small cloth bag wrapped in many layers from the tattered cabinet of inside, and gave the old woman all the money she had saved and saved, asking her to buy some delicious food for the little boy.. Seeing what my mother did, I almost cried, because our brothers and sisters had never eaten anything good when they were so big, and the clothes we were wearing were mended and mended.. My mother lovingly stroked my head and said, "What a poor little boy! A child without a mother is a grass, a child with a mother is a treasure, and how happy you are to have a mother's love.". "

   The old woman took the money from her mother, took the little boy and knelt down. She gave her mother three knocks with a brush.. A few years later, the mother implemented the policy and returned to the county seat.. (责任编辑:admin)




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