Sweet snowflakes(2)

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   It was still noon on a snowy day when someone shouted outside the door, "Is this Comrade Lu's home?"? "I opened the door, an old woman and a little boy stood outside the door, deja vu. I ran into the kitchen and called out my mother. The old woman immediately shook her mother's hand and said excitedly, "Comrade Lu, thank you for giving us food that year. I asked many people to find here. There is nothing valuable in the countryside. Chickens and ducks are raised by oneself.". "Mother said what also refused to want, said that who met the situation will do that.. The old woman was even more excited and sobbed, "If you don't accept it, our ancestors and grandchildren 安信娱乐 will kneel down for you.". "Mother can't help but accept these things, and invite them to eat lunch, when he left while the old woman did not pay attention to, and save the usual ready to buy clothes for us 50 yuan money into the little boy's pocket inside .





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