Excerpts of Beautiful Words in Scenery Writing

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   Excerpts of Beautiful Words in Scenery Writing

   1. In the lower cave of the field, the rice is ripe and golden. Who seems to be spreading a thick layer of gold in the field. The autumn wave shook the rice, making the heavy ears move rhythmically, as if Jinshan were sliding down.. The wind and the rice waves are like a moving movement of Fermentation starter.

   2, vast and abundant, quiet and distant, farmers burning weeds and debris in the fields, some people say that it is "burning autumn", with a strong smell of fragrant grass, the smoke curled up around slowly rising to the sky, how many romantic reverie float in the sky with the smoke . At this time, I found that all my feelings are melted in the smoke inside. When it comes to burning autumn, I think of the cool autumn season when cleaning workers are rustling up fallen leaves all night.. After sweeping, pile the autumn leaves into piles. A little while later, thick and light light smoke curled up, scattered, like Brumes D'Automne in the mountains in the early morning light cage I live in the old building, that is autumn leaves burning smoke, filled with a kind of aroma.

   3. The ears of rice in Chengcheng Huang hang heavy heads, and the cotton peaches are like small trees with egg-like flocs.. Ah, not a rice field, but a sea of gold; Not cotton fields, but silver world.

   4, will not round the moon, gradually rose to high altitude. A piece of transparent gray cloud, light cover the moonlight, the field above, as if cage up a piece of light smoke, thick off, like falling dream. After the late clouds drifted by, the smoke in the fields cleared away, the water was as clear as light, and Photographic processing had a soft autumn night..

   5, autumn girl wearing a golden coat, travel-stained to come. In the fields, mountains and rivers, in the orchards and flowers, autumn is like a gust of wind, shuttling between them, sending people pictures after pictures.. Mature corn can't wait to take off his clothes and show off his summer in Huang Cancan and Some Like It Hot. It is cool in the continuous autumn rain. The gentle autumn has come to my side.. (责任编辑:admin)




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