After the divorce

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   The true love probably only belongs to those memories of old age and death that do not relate to each other. Therefore, the ancestors lamented the reality with the words "caring for each other, help each other when both are in humble circumstances".

   I, Born Coward, never thought that I would get a divorce. Divorce involves two families. It is not up to me to do what I want.. Divorce is no less than the fear of a war. Therefore, I long for world peace and more for family harmony.. In the same way, I can't decide not to divorce. If two people live insensibly and curse each other, it will make people feel more desperate than death, then divorce will become inevitable.. At this time, you found out that divorce was only a matter for two people and did not affect the lives of relatives and friends. They had tried their best to persuade them, but you took garrulous's addiction seriously.. Parents will sympathize with your choice in a few days..

   If there are children, boys generally belong to the man and girls to the woman. In terms of the current domestic market, boys will have a large sum of expenditure in the future, and it is not good for the woman to remarry with a boy with a foreign surname..

   Yes, I have experienced all the above things. After the divorce, my ex-wife and I talked on the phone for half an hour and reached an agreement that the divorce was due to personality and feelings, not how bad the other party was.. To tell the truth, after six years of marriage, I have never felt that she was so reasonable, which suddenly made me understand why people often say "wife is better than others.".

   After the divorce, my son had a mother to take care of him for a while. I slept peacefully for several days, ate and drank, and had fun. I stayed away from home for a period of time. I wanted to do all the things I had been bound by my wife before.. Unfortunately, the freedom that no one restricts is somewhat unaccustomed, not to mention the previously secretive and fearful excitement.. (责任编辑:admin)




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