The moon is gone

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   She fell in love with the frost on his temples. It was the wind on the white grassland, bringing the temptation of wind, dust and the wild. She was willing to fly forward.. He touched the gravity of her white and black dress and hid a Wild At Heart.. He did not know whether to rejoice or fear..

   She was told to work overtime on Saturday. The phone call to her home took a long time before she took over the receiver.. "hello? "Voice inside, full of sticky sleep. A word is greasy and astringent. Delicate and graceful, like a green snake, drills into his ear.. He hesitated, "it's me. "

   Only heard her a loud cry, the 安信3娱乐 phone choking solicitation. How can he not understand what it is like to be afraid of one's current situation?.

   After having dinner with the customers one night, the two sides had a good time, and they finally left.. Without intending to glance, I saw her wearing a clean white shirt, with only a mass of silver, ash, thorns and no flowers on her cuff. It made her face more and more fragrant, and peach blossom looked like it, moving her soul without reason..

   Borrowed three points tipsy feeling, he casually said, "why always dressed so well? "

   She looked straight at him, a small beast that had decided not to run away. She looked at the hunter's dark muzzle.. "In order to match with you. "-he never wears only black, white and grey. Sweat stuck her hair on her forehead, like a plum with thick ink, a kind of naive enchanting. Instead, he was guilty and opened his eyes.

   He gave her a big round, naturally dare not expect. But still gradually, the rumors.

   I don't know whether it is related to rumors, his wife suddenly came to the office building, Wen wan smiled apologetically, "brought your favorite spinach beef pie, freshly baked. "

   As soon as the lid of the box was opened, the aroma overflowed and the office squealed.. He generously called for young people to share it with him. Everyone ate with his fingers dripping with oil, but suddenly he saw her sitting in front of the computer with her back like a stubborn The Wall.. She ignored someone calling her.. Say hello again, she said, "lose weight. "Strange voice, as if throat inside choked a sob. (责任编辑:admin)




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