Collection of National Day Poems

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   Collection of National Day Poems


   I remember that October 1 that year, we went to see the national flag being hoisted..

   East hair is not clear during the day, tiananmen square predecessors.

   White-haired wheelchair, children sleeping arms inside.

   People from all over the world come together and compatriots from all ethnic groups come together.!

   Inside, Red Wall by Jinshui Bridge, Troops Assembled.

   Only wait for a single order, good flag-raising at a good time..

   As soon as the music rang, people were silent, and a queue was seen on the Golden Water Bridge..

   The armed police guard is so powerful and neat in every move.!

   At the head of the queue was the national flag, which was in everyone's view of inside..

   Eyes follow the national flag, cheering with the national flag.

   Footsteps clattered and shook the earth. bayonet gleamed to protect the national flag..

   Solemn awe-inspiring not to commit, people look at the heart glad!

   When I suddenly heard the national anthem music, it was really pleasant for ten thousand people to sing in chorus..

   The national flag rose to the top of the flagpole, and the sun was shining on the earth..


   The blue sky and white clouds, the fine weather, are still in my heart..

   When I walked to the Hero Monument, my heart was tied here.!

   The body of the tablet stands like a tower, and the golden inscription is engraved in my heart..

   If you look at the eight reliefs carefully, the knot still needs to be sorted out slowly..

   The people of Humen tobacco sales rejoiced that Haiphong was lost and the court was anxious..

   Eight-nation allied forces invaded Beijing and signed an agreement to cede land and pay compensation..

   Opium War Loses National Power, Qing Dynasty Shakes Wind and Rain in inside. (责任编辑:admin)




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