La Fontaine's Fable: Man and Snake

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   La Fontaine's Fable: Man and Snake

   A man saw a snake and said, "It's time, bad thing. I'm going to kill the world."! "

   The snake seemed to have answers, motionless and at the mercy of others.. Snakes Knock, Grab and Bag inside. In order to prove that the snake really deserved it, the man said:安信3娱乐

   "You ungrateful guy to damn day, kindness to you is a crime, your fangs don't want to hurt us again. "

   The snake replied gently.

   "If it comes to punishing all ingrates in the world, then no one can be forgiven. Look at yourself, anyway, my life is in your hands, want to kill to cut by you! Your interests and pleasure are so-called justice. Bring your law to judgment! At the last moment of death, I would like to say frankly,' ingratitude means people, not snakes.! ' "

   The words refuted this man's tongue-tied. He stepped back and said, "What you said is nonsense. I can kill you at any time, but now let's talk about what others in Iko Iko said."! "

   "Whatever you like. "said the snake.

   A cow happened to pass by and the man called to her at once.. When the cow came over, the man gave a brief introduction to the situation.. The cow said, "Is it necessary to ask me about such a trivial matter?"? The snake is right, why hide and refuse to admit it?? Over the years, I have always supported my master. How can he live without my care?? We made selfless contributions to his breast milk and children and restored his aging body as time went by.. My hard work has replaced his needs and happiness.. Now that I am old, he has tied me to a corner where there is no grass. inside is starving. I wish I could eat grass.! If the snake were my master, would it be so heartless?? Goodbye, I have nothing to say. "

   The man listened to the words, very surprised to say to the snake:

   "Can you believe what she said? This crazy guy has no brain at all.. We'd better say what the Iko Iko Bulls said! " (责任编辑:admin)




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