When love meets reality

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   When love meets reality

   Liking him is a feeling that can be produced in an instant, but loving her requires you 安信娱乐注册 to protect her all your life. when you say I love you and make a promise that will not change in your life because you like her, have you ever thought about whether your chest can give him enough warmth, your shoulders can give him enough security, whether you can give her the life she wants, and with these, whether you can make wise decisions??


   Have you ever had such a puzzle: love is on the front side and real life is on the other side. when the two meet, how should I choose, bread or love??

   Some people will say: I chose Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu. Since I love you, I will love you boldly, because only in this way can I not regret my future life. If I have bread without love, what flavor can I taste by myself?? No one shares joys and sorrows with you, so what is the difference between eating bread and chewing wax?? With love, our hearts are together, and we believe that the world will change because of our steadfast love. Our love will create all miracles...

   Yeah. Reality? Love? It is really hard to make a choice. The reality is cruel. Can faithful love really break the cruel reality?? The answer is no, Butterfly Lovers's love is earth-shattering, but the cruel reality still beats him beyond redemption, Romeo and Juliet's love is enough to make the gods cry, but in the cruel reality, their love is doomed to be buried by history, love is happy and sweet, but you don't have enough bread supply, will your heart feel better? Even though he said, Have you is enough, is it really the case? In today's rapidly developing society, how many people can hold their heads high when facing the cruel reality?? Under the trampling of reality, love seems so pale and old promises and vows seem so pale. After all, the perfect and romantic love only exists in the fairy tale world.. It is sweet to have love, which makes you want to give up everything to grasp, but you pat your chest and say: can you really hold up this love without strength?? Under the trampling of reality and the temptation of material things, will your "he" really not change?? Perhaps, choosing to face the reality will leave you regret, but it is better than that... Leaving endless thoughts and sadness behind. (责任编辑:admin)




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