Peer threat

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   Wu Xiaoru was awakened when he was sleeping soundly.. She arrived at the hotel yesterday evening. She was tired all day and did not sleep enough at all.. But the outside is a mess, several voices are nervously said something, make Wu Xiaoru nerve also tense up, busy out to see the situation.

   The TV in inside in the hall is broadcasting a news item: a young woman stabbed 23 times in anger because her boyfriend cheated on her.. Now the victim has been sent to the hospital for rescue and the suspect is at large. The police appeal to the public to actively provide clues.. Such a big criminal news, Wu Xiaoru, the head of the hotel, and the man named Zhang Zhao who lived across the hall from Wu Xiaoru all watched in surprise for a while. Then Wu Xiaoru stood with the others and looked out through the glass window with his eyes wide open..

   At this sight, a heart hung in my throat.. I saw on the opposite mountain road, a car like drunk, crooked to drive.

   Suddenly, everyone let out a loud scream. The car finally COMpletely lost control and crashed into the guardrail like a mad cow.. Only heard a loud "bang", the car turned out. Fortunately, I just drove to the buffer zone of the mountain. I saw the whole car rolling on the green hillside for a while. At last, when the tendon of all the people was about to break, it stopped precariously..

   Saving lives is the first priority.

   Wu Xiaoru was the first to rush out. Led by her, several others ran out after her.. A line of people drove several cars in a hurry to get there.. On the road, someone was busy calling the police, only to find that there was no cell phone signal after picking up his cell phone..

   "Here is figure quiet. "Zhang Zhao said," here is notoriously nothing. There is no cell phone signal, no network, and even no TV. The nearest county seat is more than three hours' drive from here.. "

   Everyone lost their voices..

   Finally arrived at the scene of the accident, everyone parked the car in front of the crashed guardrail, a few more daring people followed Wu Xiaoru, slowly walked down the hillside. The car involved in the accident turned over several times and all of them changed shape, but in the end it magically turned to the right position.. There were two people in the car, a man and a woman, both young.. (责任编辑:admin)




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