I wish I could stay with you for a long time, but in the lan

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   The moon falls and the stars sink, and the distant east rises with a touch of charming rose red.. In the wisps of white fog, there is chaos. Silver light sprinkles, so as to cover the earth with a layer of beautiful veils..

   The picturesque fog is getting bigger and bigger, lined with a curved and clean blue sky, occasionally three or four birds flit lightly . The earth suddenly becomes blurred and dim. A stunning figure loomed in the ethereal morning mist..

   Gentle hand gently gathering, smoke as floating. And that Beauty on Stage with the wind covered the purple different pupil that captured the hearts of the people between eyebrow eye . and the worried color in the eyes..

   "Star hold ." The woman stands still on the hill, just like a faint blooming orchid, blooming in gentle and quiet silence.. Flying Immortals occasionally pass by and look askance at each other.. However, she is like standing in an empty corner, only smiled at them, remain indifferent whether favoured or humiliated, cool and elegant.

   Soon she fell into her own thoughts, show eyebrow wrinkle up. On that day, the words of the emperor reverberated in her mind, lingering .

   "If the star hold again wrong-headed, without authorization to the splendor of the stars to demon, I will be impartial! "

   To do justice .

   Is justice done?

   If so, she is at the top of the nine heavy, and he The six great divisions in the wheel of karma . Will never see it again.

   The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, six sentient beings. It belongs to the realm of mystery. It is not separated from life and death. It is one life. Therefore, it is born, aged, died, and reincarnated in the six roads of inside..

   "What to do ." The woman murmured quietly and looked at the clear sky in confusion..

   In the distance, flashed a natural and unrestrained figure. The inked hair was scattered at random, and a pair of star-like eyes like stars, The Lost Generation, gleamed with charming streamers.. (责任编辑:admin)




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