Spring of Taiping Lake Wu Xiang

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   Spring of Taiping Lake

   Wu Xiang

   Please don't doubt that this topic has one more word. No, this is not Taihu Lake, but Taiping Lake in Huangshan District at the foot of Yellow Mountain..

   If Taihu Lake is a brilliant pearl embedded in the splendid south of the Yangtze River, Taiping Lake is a piece of jadeite that has not yet been chiseled in Eagle and is hidden among thousands of mountains.. It is a reservoir in the upper reaches of Qingyi River in the mountainous area of southern Anhui. It was built in 1972 to store water. Not many people know about it.. However, its lake scenery and water color are COMparable to those of Huangshan, which makes Huangshan more beautiful..

   Last late autumn, I went to Huangshan from Anqing via Qingyang and took a ferry ride on the lake.. Fellow comrades pointed to a peak in the distant mountains and said that it was Huangshan's bright top.. He also told me that the dam site of this reservoir is Chencun at the junction of Jing County, Anhui and Taiping. It was originally called Chencun Reservoir.. The flooded area is mainly in Taiping, with its east and west ends crossing a small part of Jing County, Anhui and Shitai respectively.. In order to facilitate management, all of them were placed under the jurisdiction of Huangshan District and renamed Taiping Lake.. It is the largest reservoir in Anhui Province, with a water surface of 130,000 mu and an average depth of more than 40 meters. It can hold more than 2.8 billion cubic meters of water.. The middle part of the lake is wide, and the upper and lower reaches are winding valleys with different widths. The scenery is beautiful.. At the foot of Huangshan Mountain, a large lake has been added. It is really "good water and good mountains cannot be seen enough."! It's a pity that after that rush, I came to enjoy the scenery of Taiping Lake..

   This spring, I finally got a chance to visit Taiping Lake..

   After breakfast, starting from the county seat, the car went north along the wailing brook river, through a lush mountain road in the jungle, and traveled about 24 kilometers to the total Sachi wharf by the lake, which was the place it passed last year.. Surrounded by verdant mountains, this vast expanse of clear green lake suddenly appeared, and a feeling of tranquility sprang up.. Offshore boarding, the ship turned to the southwest via Longmen, Vitex negundo and other places along the Machuan River and went back to Sanmen of Xinmin Commune. It turned back to Xiaohekou and then headed northeast to Chencun Dam, and then followed the original route.. It is already dusk to return to Sachi. The sky was drizzling, the lake was surging with wind, and the dried-up water was everywhere. Appreciating the lake scenery and water color of a day, inside is deeply imprinted with the word "green", which is the most intoxicating feature of Taiping Lake Spring.. The ship reached the canyon area from a broad place. The green hills of two cliff are next to the lake. A green patch of land and dense jungle seem to have entered a harmonious and transparent green world like emeralds.. The mountain is green, the tree is green, and the clear water like a mirror is green.. Blooming azaleas, crimson and purple, mingled with white tung trees, and the green tiles and white walls of the coastal village of inside, adorn the endless green world with stone paths from In a Grove to the lake. The more bright spring days appears, the more vibrant it is.. In some places, azalea is full of mountains, from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, forming clusters, with a charming landscape painting, which is even more beautiful.. Water transportation began to develop. Liners, ferries and motor sailer were few, but there were many Wupeng boats, Keel, solo fishing boats and bamboo rafts with Jiangnan characteristics. The boats cut through the green and transparent lake water and rippled up layers of gentle waves, spreading to both sides like green silks and satins. As the ancients described, the breeze boots had fine lines . (责任编辑:admin)




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