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   Before I went to college, I didn't think it was important to be single.. After going to college, I found out that Minutes in this world has abused single dog to death.! I have four, I must find a girlfriend!

   However, there is no girlfriend so easy to find. I admit that my condition is not good, but it is not bad either. But in the vast sea of people, it is really difficult to meet someone you like and like yourself.. Besides, how can I be willing to make do with what I have just experienced under the influence of "Silent Separation"? Right, fans of "Silent Separation".

   At that time, I was already a sophomore.. Under the name of senior student, they hook up everywhere. oh, no, they help the girls in primary school..

   As a member of Qingzhi, I was assigned to the station to pick up the freshmen..

   I met her there.. It was the first time we met..

   And she, 安信娱乐 chatting with learn?elder sister nearby, seemed not to notice my existence..

   And I, at that time, did not think much, because she, really, was not my dish.!


   After the military training ended, the youth volunteers department began to recruit and interview new students. she was also there..

   I asked her, "Why did you choose Qingzhi instead of other departments?"? "

   She seemed very nervous and said only two words: "I like it.". "

   "why do you like it? "I continue to ask.

   She looked up at me: no why. "

   I was surprised by the reason she gave, but I couldn't ask any more..

   Other ministers continued to ask her questions..

   At the end of the interview, when considering which members to recruit, I and the other two ministers chose her just because of her words..

   I sent a message to tell her that she had entered the Youth Records Department..

   She replied politely, thank you.

   Our communication seems to be so much, we feel that there is no spark at all, but fate is the most joker.. (责任编辑:admin)




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