I'll watch over the carnival where he died.

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   Sometimes, he said, all you need to do is shut up, put down your so-called self-esteem and admit your mistakes. This is not giving up but growing up..

   Walking and stopping, that was once just a picture.

   Jump over and grow up, this is also a process

   I think the tragedy of jumping maturity is that I cut off a period of youth and missed a carnival.

   So-should we cry, laugh and make noise while we are young??

   I don't know when I started to become a veritable critic, and I would put forward my own distinct views on many things, right or wrong.. I think I need a thick frame of clothes to block my eyes. Maybe it will be more like them, because the mouth is mine and the pen is mine. Can't you be right?? In other words, the author's men always have a drawn-out soul attached to his words inside, article inside, his own emotions, subjective consciousness and so on. Therefore, what is wrong in the eyes of those who come into contact with his article may also be right. Perhaps there is no obvious boundary in itself, and I don't need to take it too seriously here.. We do not deny that there are some objective and realistic people in these critics, but there are also people who seek hits, website revenue, attention, money and so on..

   In fact, I'm talking about Liu Xiang, I'm talking about Zhao Wei's microblog, I'm talking about "search" not giving up its seat, and I'm also talking about many things like this. well, it's because of all kinds of writers, all kinds of intentions, all kinds of words, so the society is in chaos, people, it's even difficult to breathe..

   Although I am reluctant to do the same thing, I was really surprised to find that my mind is getting old. Apart from the quiet most of the time, I also removed the thinking of some events and crossed out some moments of staring blankly. I only have one kind of depression and one kind of panic.. Depression means that there will never be anything shining in my eyes again, depression means that I am indifferent to most scenery, depression means that I don't want to be visited by anyone in any form when I am ready, ya, I may not be willing to say I am 22. (责任编辑:admin)




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