This year's New Year's Eve

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   This year, New Year's Eve. Share with mom. My mother bought some vegetarian dishes Full stop We eat vegetarian food every New Year's Eve..

   When I was a child, my parents would take me to visit my grandparents, uncles and aunts on New Year's Eve.. The reunion is much more lively. My aunt also asked me, "Do you know how to use chopsticks?"? "I left some food for 恒行注册官网 the cat under the table.

   In high school, my father ran a restaurant.. Dinner with employees on New Year's Eve.

   When I was in college, I hurried home from campus on vacation.. Reunion with parents. The students also asked, "Did you get the tickets for the Spring Festival?"? Go home and have family reunion dinner.! "

   In graduate school, I flew home from overseas.. My parents are waiting for me to go home.. My mother said, "Dad specializes in cooking for you.". "always feel a kind with my parents. Eating the food cooked by my father is always very sweet..

   After graduation, I met my parents every day and got together every day..

   Gradually, the home is more and more cold and cheerless. When I was a child, the reunion dinner was always very lively, and the new year song played by my father was even more indispensable at home.. Shopping and watching TV with my parents in the New Year. Family members, relatives and friends visited each other and received many red envelopes.. When I was in high school, my grandparents left, my uncles and aunts moved outside the province to start families and businesses there, and occasionally came back to visit me during the Spring Festival..

   Many years later, many predecessors left, leaving our new generation behind.. Cousins have little contact and each has its own program..

   After retirement, my father bought a new house and had little contact with his relatives.. Dad said: "As we get older, everyone hopes to spend it quietly.". "

   This year's New Year's Eve, there are my mother and I.. Mother said: "Reunion, we are reunited together. "Reunion is not as lively as it used to be, but it is still sweet to eat the dishes cooked by my mother.. While eating, I heard the sound of firecrackers outside the house and the new year song being played . (责任编辑:admin)




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