The most beautiful meeting you

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   The year of mixed vegetables is fleeting, and the time of the year is yesterday.. Even though time flies, time flies, you are still in my heart.. My heart is full of flowers, and you are the most beautiful one..

   Bamboo shoots spring up after rain with the fragrance of soil, we obediently sat in the classroom inside, listening to you talking about the ten inside strip to send the prime minister. That is us, with our dreams in our hearts, drawing out the place where our hearts are going with our strokes.. The golden sun is indispensable to the painting paper of childhood.. At the beginning of the sun, there was brilliant light, and the mountains in Qian Shan were like fire.. That is our ambition as warm as ever and full of vigor and vitality.. Gradually, with the growth of tree rings, we stand on the other side of the dream and go through vicissitudes of life.. When I was a child, the paper on which I drew became yellow. We saw the 恒行注册平台 desolation of the world. We saw Shiki no aiyoku.. The paper planes of childhood, full of our childhood hopes, were not picked up when we grew up.. This is how our childhood was slowly discarded.. Life Itself is busy arranging a play called life every day.. The mighty wind and cloud in the world, ups and downs, let the heart into confusion. When you can't see the dawn of the future, it is you who lead me on in the dark.. No matter how big the wind and waves may be, we must bravely rush through with our wounds.. You said, we would rather smile sadly than others laugh at our own sadness..

   Time is still the same, increasing, vegetation is still evergreen, but we are no longer young.. The world of mortals is like an ashram. Here, you teach us to be happy with the situation.. Blind escape will only lead you into a deeper predicament.. To deal with the traffic outside the window, one should be calm and peaceful in heart, clean and have nothing, be a simple and simple person, and let one's heart be clear and clear.. You said that the greatest wish in this life is to teach every student to be a good person and a clean person, which is enough.. (责任编辑:admin)




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