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   1. Time has taken away my youth but left something deep in my heart.

   2. Loneliness is not having friends, but having people living in your heart..

   3. Is there any, as a person, has repeatedly said that he would give up, but he still cannot let it go..

   4, always have to go through some pain through tears to see the heart clearly

   5, holding your photos, thinking about our memories, eyes moist.

   6. When you are chatting with others very high, don't forget that there is a person waiting for your reply foolishly.

   7. If possible, I hope that you will be the one who will accompany me to the old age..

   We are obviously not strangers, but we are stranger than strangers..

   9. None of the people in inattentive have ever shed their hearts and lungs for someone..

   10, understand a lot, understand a lot, have a lot, but lost one.

   11. Let the Past Pass Then Facing the Future. Not trapped in love, not disorderly in the heart.

   12, the most boring is not to become a stranger, but gradually strange feeling.

   13. You naively think like a child that he is only temporarily away from him and won't go far-

   14, if she suddenly cold to you, it must be a knot not untied.

   15, the so-called strong is, can't get a feeling, at least with pride to witness its complete departure.

   16. I do not know what I am waiting for, nor do I know what is waiting for me in the future..

   17. It turns out that they have lived for a lifetime.. And we are just a moment.

   18. What I want is not that I love you and support you, but that I have you when I get old together..

   19. Being in love is like peeling onions. One in ten will make you cry

   20, I didn't speak, does not mean that I am in a bad mood, sometimes, I just want to be quiet.

   21. Parents can be princesses, men can be queens, and themselves can be queens.. (责任编辑:admin)




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