Don't be like that, Rain in Spring

时间: 作者:劳她

   Encountering you is a bumpy and testing life. Leaving you is a sad and fearless fruit. I only wish to live in the same warm spring without each other.. -inscriptions

   Drank bitter wine and broke the willow before the wind. Don't ask why the west wind is thin.? From Acacia to White Head. Can you still remember that year when I was split up, I went east and you went west. The fate of the blue fly Bai Bi, originally it was already early, arrange it. Isn't it just like this farewell between you and me? In this respect, there is no intention of it..

   A don't like this, fall pear flower month and west, Say Anything. is speechless, a don't end up, say not leave sorrow, but said it was cool for a fall. You once said that missing is an incurable pain and memory is loneliness that cannot be retrieved.. You said that I was the missing of your whole life, the smoke contained in the corners of your mouth, the thought, the thought, the lighted smoke ring, the language of missing.. When the smoke dissipates, the heart still stands still in the empty city of missing and lonely..

   Your gentleness is the missing I can't get rid of. Your gentleness is a cup of bitter wine. Your gentleness is a bayonet, stinging all my nerves that miss you. Your gentleness is a flower in the water, a The Moon in the Mirror, an invisible heartache, and an endless melancholy. Your gentleness is my full desire for an everlasting yearning.. Even if the end of the world, even if the cape, also dense in my heart. You see, have I been as gentle and gentle as you .

   I've been dreaming about you, thinking that meeting you is a good thing that God has given me, so I'm used to a kind of remote care.. Close your eyes, your breath is lingering around you, and once stubbornly believed that if you don't give up, you will be integrated into my bone marrow.. It turns out that everything is floating clouds, everything is epiphyllum easy to cold tender, when can I still have your most beautiful smile. Romance in Unreal is an unrequited 恒行注册平台 reward. Your eyes like water, your tender taste, and the beauty scattered in LuHan's Fans (Reed) and In the water side, are all thrown into the sky?. (责任编辑:admin)




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