The people I met and the youth I missed had already come to

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   Guide: Walking in time inside, the fragrance of your fingertip and life are scouring the two sides of the strait with different styles. One side is mixed with snow and the other case is Petals. The choice may be sad or desolate, but life cannot tolerate any hesitation.. I prefer thorns in Lu Yu to adversity, rather than leaving regrets for my youth..

   1, the vast sea of people, you and I are all a tiny particle of dust floating in it.. Our small body is constantly floating in the large world of inside, constantly trying to find a place to place ourselves in the world of inside, because we believe that this world has its own pure land..

   2, life is such a rush, to learn to appreciate this strange life and this strange person, life has given many hardships and troubles, can't let their indifference and neglect to add a layer of frost to life, gentle living, let 恒行平台官网 life warm like spring.

   3. We think that sunlight comes from the sun, but when our hearts are dark, no amount of sunlight can pull us out of the shadows, so sunlight comes not only from the sun but also from our hearts.. As long as we have light in our hearts, we should persist in warmth and vitality even in the darkest days..

   4. To live a good day is to live a good life.. Crying and laughing, life always brings people a kind of touch, life always brings people a kind of surprise, life always makes you miss. Every avenue leading to sunshine is full of frustrations.. But beyond these frustrations, we will surely see the dawn of hope..

   5, how much miss, now don't have so much time to recall. With the growth of years, growth, busy. Looking back on the past, we missed a lot, and don't regret what we missed.. Everyone will miss, everyone has missed, really belong to you, will never miss.

   6, like, listen to a song in silence, watch a play in fleeting time inside, Life Itself, The Life of Reilly, a porridge and a meal are warm and cool, have annoyance in one night, have Yunnan hatred in one hand, seek gain and loss in one hand, we will always know from experience; Looking ahead in the rough; Sublimation in solitude. (责任编辑:admin)




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