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   Some people, whose surnames I have forgotten, have their faces constantly floating-like clear skies, which we do not see throughout the rainy season but clearly remember..

   That year, when I was in the second grade of primary school, there was a female teacher-I can't even remember her face, but I seem to think she is very beautiful (which primary school student thinks the teacher is not beautiful? ) also vaguely remember her not too bright blue. I have no impression of what she taught us, but I will always remember one afternoon's composition class. A classmate raised his hand and asked her how to write the word "dig". She thought for a moment and said:

   "I can't write this word, which of you will?"

   I stood up excitedly and ran to the blackboard to write down the word..

   That day, when school was over, when the students said to her in unison, "Goodbye", she said to the whole class:

   "I'm so happy, I learned one more word today, I want to thank this classmate."

   I was immediately as happy as wings under a threat-there seemed to be no more moments of pride in my life..

   Since then, I have met numerous scholars who are dignified and noble and seem to know everything.. But they taught me far less than that female teacher.. Her modesty and her unstinting praise for people have suddenly brought me up..

   If she can't write the word "dig", so what, she has excavated a little girl's precious confidence in her heart.

   Once, I went to a rice shop.

   "Can you send rice to our camp tomorrow?"

   "Yes. "The fat woman said.

   "I have already given you the money, but if you don't," I said uneasily, "what evidence do we have?"?"

   "ah! "She exclaimed, her eyes bulging, as if hearing a sensational crime," we dare not do such a thing.."

   When she said "dare not", I was awed by her awe. What was she awed by?? It is a distinguished and ancient rice selling industry.? Or is it "there is a god when you lift your head three feet?" (责任编辑:admin)




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