Lu Xun's Story: Lu Xun and Films

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   Lu Xun's Story: Lu Xun and Films

   Lu Xun's life has been closely bound up with movies.. In most of Lu Xun's life, he went to the cinema more often.. He didn't stick to any pattern in watching movies, especially the taste of movies. Lu Xun highly praised progressive foreign movies at that time.. He has a special liking to the early revolutionary films of the former Soviet Union, such as "Xia Boyang" and "Revenge" (Dubrovski). Xu Guangping once recalled: "As for the Soviet film Lu Xun, we would not miss every one. We would visit any cinema near or far, focusing on the film.". "although it was difficult to see these films at that time, Lu Xun did everything he could to see 10 films. Just 10 days before his death, Lu Xun also watched "Revenge Encounter" adapted from Pushkin's novels. Lu Xun regarded it as "the greatest consolation, the deepest love and the most memorable happiness before death" and recommended to his friends "not to watch it.".

   He accepted and appreciated American movies with a "take-it-for-me" attitude.. In the 1920s and 1930s, American movies spread to cinemas all over the world and were full of colorful American cultural characteristics.. Although Lu Xun sometimes expressed dissatisfaction and indignation with the American movies introduced into China, they became more and more important ways for him to study American culture and as cultural entertainment.. According to statistics, Lu Xun watched 142 films in the 10 years from 1927 to 1936, of which 121 were American films.. I gave a fair evaluation to Hollywood adventure films, comedy films, detective movie and Musical film, especially to Chaplin's first audio film City Lights. What he saw most were 37 adventure films shot on the spot by the American documentary school, such as "With Byrd at the South Pole" and "Spectacles of Man and Beast", etc., some of which he watched more than once..

   Lu Xun enthusiastically supported China's "left wing" film industry. In "Quasi-romantic Talks Postscript" and "Ghosts in the Chinese Literary World", he fearlessly denounced Blue Shirts Society's spy's criminal act of destroying Yihua Film Company by fascist means and banning the performance of early progressive films written by Tian Han and Xia Yan (playwright).. Especially for the suicide of early progressive actor Lingyu Ruan and the death of ally Ai Xia, a member of the "Left-wing Drama Federation", Lu Xun wrote Denunciation's "On People Will Talk" which was furious.. Lu Xun was also uninterested in some bad domestic movies at that time.. In response to boring movies, Lu Xun and Ein harter Schlag once said: "Chinese movies today are still influenced by the style of" gifted scholars and hooligans ". after watching them, one feels that if one wants to be a hero and a good person, one must also be a hooligan.." (责任编辑:admin)




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