As for meeting, I think, perhaps time has its own definition

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   The memory of the day when we met was even-handed and kept in the bottom of my heart..

   Just raise my hand, low eyebrow, has been in a hurry and brush past.

   What is right or wrong with persistence? I am still reluctant to change it..

   I would like to be a river with a clear mind.

   I would like to be a lovebird and sing for you

   I would like to be a flower, this life is as delicate and charming as fire for you.

   However, I am just a leaf, longing for the color of flowers.

   Meet, could stretch out his hand, back has drifted away

   And I, silly, have been here all along.

   Time hides the smell of missing bit by bit..

   At the end of the world, the world of mortals is fading away. I am the riddle you cannot understand, and you are the chess game I cannot solve..

   Looking back again, it is just like a cold city where Yang Hua flies like snow, and when a hundred turns of streamers turn, it turns red..

   I miss you, but I never mention it to you again. I strike my thoughts with words..

   When everything was fixed on half a volume of inside, I could not write down cool thin's words, however heartbroken I was..

   As for meeting, I think, perhaps time has its own definition.!

   Source: 5idiy platform

   Original title: Eben is innocent, only Compulsion

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