A letter from inside's Mud Sugar

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   In those days more than 20 years ago, family inside did not have any computers or mobile phones, and it was even more difficult to imagine Email and WeChat, which are so convenient now, that they need to contact relatives and friends in other places and can only pass on their books by hand-written letters to Hong Yan..

   My grandfather often wrote letters to his old home. After the letter was written, he handed it to me, who was only seven or eight years old at that time, to go to the nearby post office, put up stamps of eight cents each, and plug it into the mail box of inside. Even if I had completed the assigned tasks.

   At that time, there was a shortage of commodities for daily use, and a dustpan was needed to help me stand up in the early morning to buy knives and meat. Buying a piece of cloth and a bag of rice also required food stamps. If a sewing machine was bought, it would be even a rarity and become a big purchase for a family. I don't know how much and what kind of tickets it would cost.. At that time, my uncle was a soldier in a military unit in Wuhan. he opened a "back door" through his comrades working in Wuhan and bought my grandmother a sewing machine of the famous "bridge" brand at that time.. After the sewing machine was consigned back to Huangshi from Wuhan, the happy grandmother couldn't close her mouth properly, and grandpa was rubbing his big hands happily beside her, shouting happily. Seeing the brand-new sewing machine placed in the middle of the house and grandma wiping the brand-new sewing machine up and down, grandpa pulled up his sleeves, fiddling with his writing style, and wrote a warm thank-you letter to his brother-in-law's comrades..

   After the letter was written, he studied it for a long time and handed it to me, who was watching the scene of bustle nearby. Naonao's mouth meant to mail the letter quickly..

   He received the letter, went out of the door, stomped down the stairs, but was stopped by two playmates my age.. (责任编辑:admin)




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