Qinglongqiao railway station Bingxin

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   Qinglongqiao railway station

   Bing Xin

   As the extra-large locomotive is slowly being carried out, the train gradually goes up the mountain, with green cliffs and skyscrapers on both sides, pushing against the windows like green velvet barriers, rotating and overlapping.. The sheep on the cliff are nomadic and look up to the smallest, like birds perching on the top of a tree.. Between the flowing springs at the foot of the mountain, there is a great stone Rob, which reminds people of the Chinese saying "and valleys, fill with the broken boulders like peck measures, that downward, headlong, follow the wind". The rocks are mixed with small trees, and there are also mountain fields and families. In the overcast sky, layers of trees are scattered far and wide, resulting in extremely green and Qingyuan.. At this moment, he suddenly passed through a cave more than 385 meters long in Juyong Pass. The car lit a light and the smoke was felt slightly between the windows. After five minutes, he was suddenly enlightened and twisted. During this time, he passed through two small caves, Wugui Head and Stone Buddha Temple, and arrived at Qinglongqiao Station..

   We got off for a walk within a few minutes of stopping and reversing the car.. The sun has come out. Looking back on the overlapping mountains, the wonders of the Great Wall are all around us.! The majestic high-thick city wall, the dragon-like winding over the mountain, has a pier every 36 zhangs, imagining the city head refused to Hu, beacon fire Zhu Tian, Xu Zu silent mountain climbing, make people blood boiling!

   The station is beautifully decorated. Between the gorges, inside is covered with lilac flowers, and the bronze statue of Mr. Tianyou Zhan stands tall and upright, like watching his hard work in silence..

   Repeatedly get on the bus, follow the turning V-shaped route, turn upside down, and enter the more than 1,145-meter cave in Badaling, which is one of the world's famous giants.. After this, there was a prosperous village, which suddenly descended to a vast plain and looked back at the far undulating Great Wall on Badaling, like in the sky.! Guan Gou, which does not pass through "Natural barrier", cannot ignore the meaning of the so-called "Kangzhuang Road". At this time, we are already outside the Great Wall.! (责任编辑:admin)




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