Qinglongqiao railway station Bingxin(2)

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   Kangzhuang is a big station where goods from the northwest are stored.. Since then, the north, looking flat, yellow sand boundless, at the end of the day weiyun far tree, causing a sense of desolation.

   At about twelve o'clock, I passed huailai railway station.. The city wall straddles the mountainside and looks quite unique.. At that time, he went to Civil Castle Station, where Yingzong was captured in the 14th year of Ming Dynasty (AD 1449). At the beginning of Jingtai, the victims of the courtiers were enshrined in the Xianzhong Temple in the city. There were 66 people under the civil minister Zuo Wang and the military minister Zhang Fu. This is a national monument. Everyone except me got off the bus and walked into the city..

   Our special bus took off at the fork. I got off myself and sat down on a big stone in the shade under the bus. Cicadas chattered and looked out at the station under The Wall, where some people ate melons to enjoy the cool air..

   Around 3 o'clock, the visitors returned one after another, shouting loudly and opening several cans. They ate jackfruit while reporting the situation in the city and Xianzhong Temple..

   The train started again at 5: 05 from Civil Castle.. Over Shacheng, where green plums are sprinkled, Cao Cao and Liu Bei are said to have drunk when they cooked wine and talked about heroes. it is gratifying to hear their names. they brought a bottle on their way home.. -the new security guard went to all stations in the garden, all the way parallel to the yanghe river, the water was mighty. There are crows of chickens across the river and temples looming over the two mountains in the jade belt.. The water in this area is far from cen, which is very attractive, such as looking at landscape banners.. At six o'clock, I passed Xinzhuangzi. I was having dinner in the car. The dining table was facing the rear window. Looking on both sides, it was full of neat rice fields, with dense willows planted in the fields, swaying in strips. It was Jiangnan flavor.. From the rear window, looking at the first track behind the car, two lines of weeping willows, endless flowing to, Mr. Gu Jiegang because recite Mr. Yu Pingbo "all the way out of the thistle gate" sentence, everyone sighed his work of scenery! (责任编辑:admin)




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