Qinglongqiao railway station Bingxin(3)

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   The mountains on both sides of the Yanghe River are constantly exposed with sand moraines, which seem to be a great whirlwind, rolling into this Xu Gangluan, looking extremely smooth and delicate from afar.. At this time, childlike innocence suddenly appeared, and I thought to myself that it would be interesting to be able to reach the endless sand and roll over..

   In the blue mountains and crimson sunset, at 7: 05, we arrived in Li Keyong at the end of the Tang Dynasty and "Heroes Immediately Rise from Shatuo to Xuanhua."!

   Author's brief introduction: bing Xin (1900-1999), a famous modern woman writer.. Children's litterateur. Formerly known as Wanying Xie, his pen name includes Bingxin's ladies and men, etc.. Born in 1900 in Minhou County, Fujian Province. He loved literature from an early age. Later, influenced by the May 4th Movement, he began literary creation, including short stories such as Two Families and while you are alone and helpless and poor, and poetry collections Stars and Spring Water.. He took part in the Literature Research Association in 1921.. In 1923, he went to the United States to study abroad, specializing in literary studies.. The collection of works here is "Sending Small Readers". After returning to China in 1926, he taught in yenching university and other schools.. After that, she went to Japan with her husband and taught in the department of new China literature of tokyo university.. After returning to China in 1951, he still devotes himself to creation. His works include "tao qi's Official Diary", "After Returning to China", "Praise of Cherry Blossoms" and many translated works.. In 1978, she published her children's literature collection Little Orange Lights..

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