800 words on the book review of Romance of the Three Kingdom

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   Fan wenyi

   "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is a book I can never tire of reading. I have different feelings when reading it in different periods..

   When I was in kindergarten, I read the comic book Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It is a legendary story in my heart. Oath of the Peach Garden, sincerity, Battle of Red Cliffs .. I also understand the saying "The Three Stooges is better than Zhuge Liang" and "Zhou Yu beat Huang Gai, one willing to fight and the other willing to suffer.". ","belly singing Empty Fort Strategy. "The meaning of" ..

   In the middle and lower grades, I read the youth version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which in my mind is a long historical novel. It not only makes me understand a lot of historical knowledge, but also makes me remember vivid and vivid characters: resourceful Zhuge Liang, loyal and courageous Guan Yu in a narrow sense, coarse and fine Zhang Fei, shirtless Xu Chu, pound in the coffin, sinister Cao Cao, and weak and incompetent Shan Liu .

   In the senior grade of primary school, I reread the original romance of the three kingdoms, which in my mind is already a masterpiece full of life philosophy and of great significance.. I also have a deeper understanding of the characters inside.. For example, Zhuge Liang, whom I admire most, showed his extraordinary intelligence by burning Xinye, scolding Wang Lang, Empty Fort Strategy, and cutting Wei Yan with wonderful brocade.. But he is not a fairy, such as he let Ma Su to guard Jieting, resulting in the loss of Jieting, Liulie City, two military towns, a Qishan failure, he was demoted. Even Zhuge Liang, who expected things to be like gods, did so. What's more, we waited for ordinary people.. Therefore, we have no reason to expect others and ourselves not to make mistakes. We should not criticize others for a little mistake. We should not be discouraged because of our failure in an examination. We should not be complacent about our achievements. No one is perfect. There must be room for improvement.. (责任编辑:admin)




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