800 words on the book review of Romance of the Three Kingdom(2)

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   My favorite three countries, valiant general and Zhang Fei, bridge on slope, rode on their own as savior, took away the tile mouth with wisdom, and released Yan Yan (Three Kingdoms) with righteousness. It is a pity that Guan Yu lost his mind, did not do his job properly, whipped the soldiers without reason, resulting in the assassination of himself by his two young players, and accompanied the lives of Huang Zhong, Liu Bei and 750,000 troops of Shu. The situation of Shu has plummeted.. On the contrary, Sima Yi, a famous general of the state of Wei, ignored Zhuge Liang's abuse and was optimistic. As a result, Zhuge Liang, a genius of the generation, had nothing to do with it and ended up dead in Wuzhang Plains.. Visible when meet sad, painful, angry things, should rationally control emotions, with an optimistic attitude to overcome it, if impulsive, consequences will be unimaginable.

   Fan Wen 2

   With excitement, I opened the classic literary masterpiece Romance of the Three Kingdoms for the third time..

   Cao Cao's deceit, Liu Bei's modesty, kongming's prudence, Zhou Yu's narrow-mindedness, each person has a different character, the author depicts incisively and vividly, savor carefully, let the reader as if into a realm.

   The main content of the story is based on wisdom and courage, but I think wisdom is always better than courage.. For example, in Xicheng, Zhuge Liang used Empty Fort Strategy to scare off 150,000 troops led by Sima Yi.. There are countless such examples..

   However, in the story there are also "wisdom does not plan, courage is not the enemy, Wen does not take a pen, Wu does not move a gun.". Like Shan Liu in Han Dynasty, he drank and played all day long, ignored the government and willingly gave up the kingdom of Shu. In the end, he staged something that made the whole world laugh at him. He did not think of Shu.. Who would have thought that the ruler of a country could do such a thing as changing the times?





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