800 words on the book review of Romance of the Three Kingdom(3)

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   Have more courage than intelligence and Enemy at the Gates can only fight to the death.. Lyu3 bu4 and Yan Liang are typical examples: if lyu3 bu4 followed the advice of his advisers in the white gate house, why should he be hanged on the gate by Cao Cao? If Yan Liang made it clear to Guan Yu what happened to Liu Bei in Hebei, where would he have been cut down by Guan Yu, a righteous man?? The ancients said: The brave have no plans, the good and the bad take their place, the evil lives on top, and the evil lives on the bottom of the Fu Lin. If you enter the battle, you will fall into the trap. If you die, you will have no purpose..

   Let's talk about the country, Wei, once famous for a very short time. Shu was once successful and never lived. Wu was once famous in Jiangdong. From this point of view, the country can reflect the character of the monarch going abroad.. Cao Cao oppressed the people. Liu Bei loves his people like a son. Sun Quan, Dominating Jiangdong.

   It is not too much to say that Wei has the strongest ingenuity in the three countries of inside.. Cao Cao's fight is unparalleled in the world, and Sima yi is even more masterful.. But both have their own fatal weaknesses: Cao Cao is suspicious and Sima yi is too sinister.. Besides, in Shu state, Zhuge Liang of Wolong must be the first to bear the brunt.. His extraordinary wit and skilful array of soldiers will not fail to impress future generations.. There are also some figures like Pang Tong, Jiang Wei, Xu Shu and so on, but I think they are not as good as Kongming.. Wu, a country occupying the six counties of Sanjiang, can be regarded as resourceful, that is, Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu, a teenager, was familiar with military tactics and was well versed in the arrangement of troops.. After some hard work, he finally became the commander-in-chief of the water army and the president's sailor.. But he was too jealous and died at the age of 26..

   From these figures and countries we can easily see the importance of human character.. Character is related to success.. (责任编辑:admin)




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