Lu Yin under Leifeng Pagoda

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   Appreciation of Classical Scenery Writing: Under Leifeng Pagoda

   Culvert! Remember! We lingered under Leifeng Pagoda, taro and green grass on the ground, with a few yellow flowers in between. We sat side by side on the soft cotton grass. It was April weather at that time. I was wearing a light purple linen jacket. You picked a yellow flower and stuck it in my skirt. You seemed afraid of me rejecting it. You looked at me shyly and timidly. At that time, I really did not dare to look at sb.(sth.) at close quarters to you. Perhaps my face changed. I only felt the rapid beating of my heart and the sweat on my forehead..

   The evening sunset is shooting at the top of the tower, the red clouds are shooting at the center of the lake, and the canoe and oar are two couples who have passed in front of us.! You enlarged your courage and quietly took my hand-this is our first contact, but my heart seemed to be pierced by a sharp sword, unconsciously falling tears, and you also seemed to shake a little, Han! At that time I seemed to have expected how hard our fate would be.! At the foot of the mountain suddenly rose a dark cloud, which sent thunder far away-the weather on the lake was the most unsubstantiated, but we were sad and fell in love. we forgot the relentless wind and rain. suddenly raindrops as big as beans rained on our heads. we came with umbrellas, but when we saw the clear sky, we put them on the boat..

   The raindrops caught in the wind and sand and blew all the time. We ran to the boat desperately. Our clothes were soaked to the skin. I felt cold and fell into a heap. I couldn't help shaking.. You will be the mat blanket, cover for me, and tightly against me, han! At that time, you did not dare to say anything to me.

   It is still a fine day at night. We sit on the chair by the lake and watch the moon.. You quietly said to me.

   "Leifeng Pagoda, is our life history. A big trace! "I bowed their heads and can't say anything, culvert! Really! I always feel that we have no possibility of happiness.! (责任编辑:admin)




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