Lu Yin under Leifeng Pagoda(2)

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   alas! Culvert! That night, you showed me your heart, Fermentation starter. I was a timid person. Although I feared a terrible fate, I could not refuse your love.!

   After returning from Leifeng Pagoda, we have been living a miserable life in remember fondly for four years.. Four years later, we won! All the obstacles were shattered in our hands, inside. We came here again in April, and we stayed in the hotel or at dusk, under Leifeng Pagoda, Han! At that time, we were at ease. We embraced freely and shook hands freely. How proud we were! ……

   But Han! Another year passed and Leifeng Pagoda collapsed. Aren't we very sorry for cold? However, I never thought that in October this year, inside, you left everything behind and went away forever.! Don't want to come back again! Oh! Culvert! I used to regret the collapse of Leifeng Pagoda. Now, ah! Now, I thank Leifeng Pagoda for its collapse, because it can put out our remnants.!

   Culvert! October this year will come, and you have been away from the world for three years.! Has the world gradually faded from your memory?? Hey! Father is getting old.! Every letter mentions you, what is your cause and effect? And I and you are indeed former Sin!

   Culvert! Last year, when your second anniversary was celebrated, I wanted to offer sacrifices for you, but I lived in the school of inside, and nothing was complete. I remember that I only made a sacrifice and burned it to the air. Do you have any inspiration? I always look at you and give me a clear dream, but which one?!

   Only once did I dream of you coming, but why are you so cold? Did it really end, Han! You can't afford to leave, and you probably won't be in love with anything. But you can't forget the trace of Leifeng Pagoda, can you?!

   Culvert! The world is more miserable! Everything has changed since you left..Home? Is also one over,all of him over, father's business failed; The two brothers were floating abroad, leaving only their mother and little brother in the family and moving to the countryside.. The father endured the grief and was still busy in his foreign mouth, collecting the debts he owed.. Culvert! These are all things that you feel uneasy when you are dying, but now I have told you. Are you sentimentally attached to them?? (责任编辑:admin)




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