First love, I only remember

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   First love? I also have first love. Speaking of it, just like walking into Cherry Orchard in May, it is not a big place, strewn at random with clumps of green and embedded with clumps of blackish red dark red. It seems to be irrepressible heartbeat, strewn with its place of time and space, and it seems to be shy, fresh and not eye-catching.. However, that little emotion is still full of regret and sadness, just like the fragrance of sweet fruits cannot be retained.. However, it is also wonderful to go out in such a small place and think about it occasionally when you stop coming..

   First love, I only remember a long colored pen depicting purple night, yellow moon, fireworks, Tiananmen square and a group of children dressed in colorful clothes. this is my painting. You depict the blue sky, white clouds and the juvenile sworn under the national flag.. At that time, we met for the first time, participated in the competition for the first time, and exchanged paintings for the first time.. Since then, we have participated in many competitions together, and your paintings are always so deep, in my opinion.

   First love, I only remember having a happy basket, a pair of warm and big hands holding me, and taking me across the winding lotus leaf stone platform to fish in the middle of the pool, fish with red beak, fish with colorful lights, fish with groups of fish that are faster than us.. Splash and laughter splashed on the pool together. When looking up carelessly, two blue dragonflies were playing between rockeries covered with fine grass. The big-leaf grass beside them had golden-red flowers.. I said it was a big leaf flower, and you told me it was canna.. From then on, when I saw the flower, I remembered the smile on your mouth..

   First love, I only remember there is a tall cherry tree. You will take advantage of the ten minutes between classes to climb up and pick a handful of cherry blossoms. On the way home, you will bring me a handful of cherry blossom petals. I will clip them into each book, inside, and suddenly turn to one piece in the boring Chinese class. I will think of a series of laughter on the way home. In the end, I don't know what kind of questions the teacher asked me to answer.. (责任编辑:admin)




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