First love, I only remember(2)

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   First love, I only remember having a beautiful hairpin with a red strawberry hanging at the end. I would clip it in front of the combed bangs in front of the mirror every day, and then deliberately put my head in front of you to pretend to be silly. because you said I was extremely cute when wearing it, I hope you can see my lovely appearance every day..

   First love, all I remember is a golden wheat field, which is the ideal country you told me about your inner heart.. You are willing to sleep in grandpa's warehouse. inside dreams of a soft pile of straw. In the morning, a white lamb approaches you and licks your face to wake you up.. From then on, I depicted the picture and sent you the picture with golden wheat fields, white sheep and warehouse boys..

   First love, I remember a delicate and pretty song, which is my favorite melodious song. When you asked me to share it with you, I knew that you would listen to sleep every day, and I was excited for a long time until you returned me a doll in a pink skirt spinning a ballet music box..

   First love, I remember .

   At the end of August, the graduation month when canna was still red and cherry trees were still green, the holiday when you left, I was like a lost puppy, searching everywhere, but I couldn't find a home, and what I was looking for was an invisible mood that I couldn't catch myself.. Later, I found that you had built a garden in my heart, a garden full of cherry trees. Every day I can breathe the red fragrance, feel the red heart beat, the red happiness and the red joy of the garden..

   After you left, for the rest of the day, only the falling phoenix tree leaf and rolls of rolling dust and I walked along the road, I never got simple mathematical formulas and interesting popular science knowledge from you, and never had the chance to glance at your smiling and intelligent eyes.. Lonely days passed, and I lived my life seriously. Slowly, I don't know when, my Cherry Orchard hung up an iron lock.. (责任编辑:admin)




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