Ten Common Expressions of Women's Secret Love for Men

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   Introductory remarks: Men are very nervous about emotional issues, so they are often liked by others and cannot feel it. This is really a woman who has suffered a secret love. After all, girls are thin-skinned and dare not express their feelings, so they can only hide their love in their hearts.. Like a person is hidden, his every move can affect your nerves, want to know whether she has a crush on others, depends on her state.

   Expression 1: When seeing him with other women, his facial expression was not very natural, even he was in a trance.

   Women are jealous, and it is not only the fault of their husbands or boyfriends.. As long as it is the man she likes, if the man is playing with other women instead of with her, her heart must be extremely uncomfortable.. Even if the man is not her boyfriend or husband.

   Performance 2: Intentionally winking at him, often playing pettish to him.

   Men's flirting with women seems a bit crazy, at least it belongs to the category with sissy temperament.. It is extremely normal for a woman to wink at a man, or it is a woman's patent-a right to specifically express a crush on a man..

   Performance 3: Either actively and obediently obey what he said, or deliberately disobey and play opposite roles.

   After a woman has a crush on a man, she will listen and even study every word he says very carefully.. If a man says that she looks good today, she may still dress like this tomorrow, or she may dress badly on purpose.. No matter how she dresses, she is trying to attract men's attention..

   Performance 4: When he knows that he is in trouble, he will always give him help and cheer him up in the first place.

   If it is not the man you like, no matter what difficulties men encounter, women often don't pay much attention, even if the attention is not very positive.. If the man you like encounters difficulties, the woman is more anxious than the man and thinks of him when eating, drinking and scattering.. (责任编辑:admin)




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