Ten Common Expressions of Women's Secret Love for Men(2)

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   Performance 5: Attaches great importance to his whereabouts and often asks his friends where he went, who he went with and what he did.

   Women attach such importance to a man's whereabouts that if they are not malicious, they are absolutely attracted to him.. Ask, if a woman has no feeling for him, where he goes, with whom he goes and what he does, it is none of her business.? Does she need to be so bored to inquire?

   Performance 6: Dress up as beautifully as possible every day for him, and show him as many eyes as possible.

   As the saying goes, a woman is a person who likes herself.. In fact, even if a man does not "like" her, she will "look" at him as long as she likes it.. Therefore, she spent much effort to dress up will not refuse under any circumstances, hoping to make everyone love her. When she saw the train, she also had a flat tire..

   Performance 7: I often talk to him, as if I can't finish talking.

   As we all know, women like to talk. No matter how heavy her heart is, she will feel much more comfortable as long as she confides.. However, a woman does not talk to anyone casually. Apart from the so-called listening experts, she only looks for the man she likes.. Because in this way, also can let the man know more about her, promote communication.

   Performance 8: I always want to find an excuse to see him if I have anything to do.

   I really want to see each other! The eyes are constantly searching for his or her trace, but they still pretend not to care, seeing the person they like playing with the opposite sex will make them jealous.. Ambiguous or intimate actions will make you unhappy and even lose sleep.. I have no words when I meet someone I like, because I don't know what to say..

   Performance 9: Remind him of all kinds of key anniversaries

   Women are emotional, they are always used to remind men of the key two people's various anniversaries, such as the day when they met, the first day, the first valentine's day, the first birthday . (责任编辑:admin)




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