Memories that Can't Be Returned-Outdoor Movies

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   During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, I didn't go home. I stayed at school. When I finished my part-time job at six o'clock in the evening, when I had nothing to do, I walked around the campus inside alone. Suddenly I found that a movie was being shown in the square before the school meal. I also met an acquaintance. When I asked him, I knew that it was going to be an open-air movie. It was the movie "The Taking of Tiger Mountain". Although I had heard of the movie before, I had never seen it before..

   I found the most comfortable place in with great interest and changed into the most comfortable position. I sat there with my friends and watched the movie with great interest..

   As more and more people watched the movie, I gradually had an illusion, as if I had passed through time and space and returned to my hometown more than ten years ago, and returned to that era when all the villagers in inside had to show the movie openly in the open air, and the villagers in inside had gathered in a large open space to watch the movie..

   Although at that time I was only seven or eight years old, but there are some things that I will never forget.. At that time, unlike now, every family had TV. At that time, TV was just like Luxury. It was very difficult to watch a program. Therefore, the movie shown in inside became the most anticipated thing for everyone.. However, such good things are not common either. When we catch up with All's Well, Ends Well, we can have a good time.. At that time, I remember that some of my friends from inside and the village moved Mazar to "go to market" everywhere. Sometimes I watched a movie several times, but I still watched it with relish. It was as if the screen had a magical power attracting me..

   I am an out-and-out rural person. childhood is monotonous but beautiful.. At that time, the family was poor and had very few things to play with, but the memory was not pale. They stole fruit from the neighbor's fruit tree and were found by the neighbor. They fled like flies. At home, the playground full of yellow mud was playing with mud. Fishing in the River Barely in trouser legs; With his little friends Paridan az Ertefa Kam, he made the village of inside and One Foot off the Ground . (责任编辑:admin)




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