Memories that Can't Be Returned-Outdoor Movies(2)

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   It was really an innocent and naive childhood, an innocent and unsophisticated time..

   If you want to say what haunted me most in my childhood, I think it belongs to this kind of "outdoor movie" that I miss day and night.. "Open-air movies" are usually shown once a quarter in our village, showing two to three films at a time. At that time, I felt that everything in the movie inside was new. It was a completely different world, a world flowing on the curtain..

   I remember the first movie I saw was "The Condor Heroes". Of course, it was impossible for me to understand this kind of martial arts drama at that time. I remember that the movie was shown at 36 o'clock when my uncle passed. At that time, I saw that there were people on the big cloth in front of me. Children were always curious about the baby. Therefore, I always ran to the front of the curtain to try to catch the people inside the curtain, but doing so would affect others to watch the movie. Therefore, before I implemented this, I was pulled back by my mother..

   At that time, whenever I saw the movie show coming, I felt a kind of unspeakable excitement. It didn't matter what the content was, or how many times I had watched it..

   I vaguely remember that when projection lamp went out at that time, the movie was over. It seemed that everyone was still immersed in the movie, talking about the ending of each story and unwilling to leave for a long time.. There are fewer and fewer people in front of the screen, but they all disappear so slowly, because here can bring happiness and imagination to everyone, and there is everyone's attachment .

   Today's world has really changed. Every family has a color TV. Every night, everyone watches TV in their own homes. Even if there are occasional outdoor movies to be shown in inside, it is not as rare as before. They will never drive across mountains and hills to discredit Night Passage. They will also go to see it, as if they don't watch it, they will fall behind others.. (责任编辑:admin)




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