Memories that Can't Be Returned-Outdoor Movies(3)

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   Nowadays, many people may not have this kind of experience. I can only say that the times have forged a different kind of memory and made me feel like a past person. Just because of that old memory, I have a kind of capital to show off in front of others..

   My former world was just a small village, and after dark the village of inside would really darken. Why do you miss more and more when you grow up? I can't say for sure now.. What I see is always a barren valley shrouded by beautiful moonlight.. What I miss is always the time I can't go back..

   I can't remember when I saw the outdoor movies in inside. Now the times have changed. There are luxurious cinemas, 3D eyes and comfortable seats for watching movies.. However, I can't forget the feeling of watching an open-air movie. I got together with my friends to watch the movie in twos and threes. I was late and had no good place to go. I climbed up the tree and sat on the tree to watch it.. It can be said that the movie gives me a dream and an ideal. When loneliness comes, it is like an indispensable friend to accompany me. Although it cannot be found in reality, it still exists in my mind, inside, sweet and warm for a long time..

   As long as you simply look at it, you will reap pure happiness, and the merits and demerits of the content will be judged by others..

   Now think about "outdoor movies", which is a culture, a way of life, full of sweet and warm memories.. It seems that no one really admits that he is old in his heart. He always feels that time passes too fast.. The past time has changed into the past days in a flash. One year, ten years and fifty years are all in a flash. We are just molecules of water in the long river of time. We cannot ignore them or find any trace of them..

   When I began to recall, I had grown up and was far away from the only First Love Again.. When I feel that memories are more treasured, I begin to grow old without hesitation.. We are not the same, but when recalling the past and sighing youth, we all feel the same, Wasted years, and miss the past.. (责任编辑:admin)




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