Memories that Can't Be Returned-Outdoor Movies(4)

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   In life, there may not be the direction I want, but the movie inside has the direction I want.. Seeing mountains and inside's long and distant paths, isolated and backward small villages, secluded and remote xanadu, simple and honest and simple smiling faces, seeing ripe fruits hanging brightly on high branches, red clouds in the setting sun, flashing lights in inside at night, people who are sad and happy, lovers who are dying to live, many, many, many, I can experience briefly and feel for a long time.. I like movies and especially miss watching outdoor movies when I was a child.. For outdoor movies, there is a special feeling, like a dream, but also a yearning for another world, with broken details and hazy colors..

   It can only be said that my feelings for outdoor movies are increasingly missed with the passage of time..

   Author: Drunk





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