I met you at the age when I knew nothing about love.

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   Love is always like a passer-by, but Love to the End's result is not what he wants..

   This is a true story..

   Some time ago, while chatting at my sister's house, she suddenly told me about her first love at the age of 20. I felt a little sorry after listening to her..

   Circle circle elder sister is my elder sister's classmate, four years older than me, one time when I went to her house, I said your name sounded really awkward, I simply call you circle circle elder sister, she is also a more casual person, so I said to me like it. When she was 20 years old, she came to Shenzhen with her classmates to work hard. At that time, she was only unfamiliar with the city and was at a loss as to what to do when she was new to society.. I worked so hard and wanted to have my own place in this large and prosperous city.. Six months later, I met a man at work-Mr. y, who is several years older than circle elder sister, is the only son of the family. there are several buildings in the family, and the house is rented. his parents are abroad. he can be said to be a mature, stable and rich man.. Not long after we met, Mr. y launched an attack on the circle of elder sister, and it didn't take long for the two of them to be together..

   The Little Couple in love is naturally very sweet. Mr. Y often visits her at the place where Huan Jie goes to work, gives her food, takes her to the movies and goes for a drive after work.. At the beginning, all the friends around me worried about the circle of elder sister. They said that the children of rich families were probably just looking for you to play. They wouldn't be serious. If they got tired of playing, they would dump you. In a word, in the eyes of friends, they didn't match each other well.. After a year together, Mr. y's love and consideration for Huan quan Jie remained the same as before. the friends around him once felt unreliable towards this rich man. later on, he looked at Huan quan Jie with another eye and more envied her and found such a good person.. The classmates who work together with circle circle elder sister are jealous and often quarrel with their boyfriends because of material matters. compared with circle circle elder sister, their hearts naturally fall somewhat.. Circle circle elder sister's family naturally think this is a good marriage object, urged the new year to take Mr. y home to meet. Mr. Y also decided to take Huan Quan Jie abroad to live with his parents after getting married. Perhaps Huan Quan Jie never dreamed that happiness would come to her like this.. (责任编辑:admin)




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