I met you at the age when I knew nothing about love.(2)

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   Happiness is always taken by surprise, and changes are always overwhelming.. On one occasion, I went out with my boss to have dinner with my clients and went to a bar to play after dinner.. On that day, Mr. y came to pick up Huan quan Jie from work as usual and was going to have dinner together. later, when his colleague said that Huan quan Jie and his boss had something to do, he said that he would go to Huan quan Jie's house to find her later.. At eight o'clock in the evening, when the ring elder sister's phone was not connected and no one was found, Mr. y could only wait for her at the subway entrance through which ring elder sister must come back. this wait was until twelve o'clock in the morning.. Ring circle elder sister and the boss and several customers drunk in the bar, then came back are sent back by the big rush (is an uncle) customer, uncle helped her down when getting off the bus. The late-night wind blew on the face burning with alcohol, making people sleepy. The subway entrance was not crowded with people during the day, and the rest was only shortness of breath.. At this time uncle gently kissed the lower ring elder sister's lips, before she could dodge, maybe she didn't want to refuse. What happened at this time was witnessed by Mr. Y, who was standing not far away. He leaned against his car with a pile of cigarette butts on the ground.. Ring circle elder sister stumbled toward home, didn't walk a few steps saw Mr. Y, although the night is very dark, but still saw the face that suppressed all emotional outbursts. Later, Mr y left without saying a word.. The next day, Mr. Y, like The Incredible Truth, never found him again. Circle elder sister called him for two months in a row, but no one answered. Then he became an empty number.. No one knows where Mr. y is going. the friends they know together have not seen Mr. y since then. maybe he has left the city, maybe he wants to forget . but there is no if and there is no later..

   After listening to what she said, I also teased her about how it was so similar to the plot of idol drama inside. You didn't make it up, did you? Yes, I didn't expect the story of TV series inside to be actually played on me, she murmured in a low voice.. Friends around her said that she had done it, and that such a good feeling, such a sincere treatment of her one, had ruined herself in this way with her own hands.. (责任编辑:admin)




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