I met you at the age when I knew nothing about love.(3)

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   I think, is too young, don't know love, don't know how to love a person. Some people say that when someone taught you how to love, he was already gone.. Mr. Y is the person who teaches the circle elder sister how to love, but the circle elder sister may never have the chance to say sorry and thank Mr. Y again in her life.. After listening to her, we sat on the sofa and became speechless for a while. I saw from her eyes inside's regret from the heart.. Yes, she personally destroyed this feeling, and in this feeling, inside, she is now only guilty.. She said it was really hard for her to forget this person in her life .

   If first love is compared to a clean and tidy blank sheet of paper, then later love is a blank sheet of paper with stains and wrinkles. because we don't like the damaged blank sheet of paper, we will miss it very much at this time when it started.. Because clean, let a person like; Because clean, comfortable. But it will never be the same again.. I think this is why most people cannot forget their first love.

   At the age when I don't know much about love, I met the most sincere you.. Author: Were it not for





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