Don't forget those beautiful things

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   I hang on the computer every day to watch movies and novels, even if I'm bored, I don't want to leave..

   I am a stingy person with time. I always feel that if I don't do something to amuse myself, it is a waste of time.. From junior high school to senior high school, novels have always been my life. Even before the college entrance examination, I was still clinging tightly and never gave up..

   Only at that time, besides reading A fool of flowers's novels, I was crazy about some pure literature.. For example, because of an article in the Chinese textbook "The Cold Wind Blows Out", I began to approach a man named Liu Liangcheng. Later, he fell in love with his writing and a small place in Lost and Found.

   But recently I suddenly feel that those things seem to be far away from me..

   It was Anni Baobei's Spring Banquet that caused my damn feeling.

   I have not read Anni Baobei's books for a long time.. Yesterday, I finally downloaded "Spring Banquet" from the Internet to my mobile phone inside. I made up my mind and began to watch it..

   Not everyone knows how to look at Anne's book.. I think first of all, you have to feel the place in your heart is very quiet, quiet to even if the sea is calm, calm and sit down.. Moreover, you have to choose a sunny corner at 3 o'clock in the afternoon to resist those virtual life inside, desolate helpless, decisive destruction, and leave.

   Therefore, I will not easily allow myself to read those words unless there is a stir in my heart and I have no choice but to do so.. And decided to go to the Spring Banquet, is really get up a lot of courage. Because I'm afraid I can't hold out till the end, and I can't see the ending.. Just like those stories that I knocked down on a whim, I started off with a head start, fantasized about countless endings, but forgot how to write them down. No matter whether the final ending was helpless separation or happiness together, they were actually not seen.. And those, always let me feel very frustrated, slowly began to dare not to write again, dare not to write down those fleeting inside glitter regrets, and on a whim. (责任编辑:admin)




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