Don't forget those beautiful things(2)

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   To myself, I am very sorry, very helpless.

   Anni Baobei wrote such a passage in the first chapter of the preface of "Spring Banquet"-I remember that there were thunderstorms in the afternoon, and the sound of rain made a violent noise on the roof of the second floor. The mountains were piled high and the heaven and the earth seemed to merge into one.. Standing at the window staring at the white rain and fog, the world is now beyond reality.. Reading and falling asleep in the rain. In an instant, the clouds drifted away, the sky cleared up, and the sun again forced the eyes.. I cherish every moment of this feeling and hold on to it as if they will never come again..

   That kind of mood, that kind of life, is also what I want. However, Anne can move to the countryside for a book, but we can't. Because in addition to yearning and longing for life, inside also has some things that we cannot get rid of.. For example, study and work. For example, family. For example, reality.

   I think, perhaps this is one of the reasons why I decided to read Spring Banquet. Those that cannot be obtained can always be realized in another way.. Just like in the words inside, I feel a kind of unexpected mood and situation..

   Of course, it is also to remind myself in the heavy and forgetful reality of inside-not to lose the beauty of those who have loved.! Do not forget!

   Yes, do not lose! Do not forget!

   Author: Rui Yi





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